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Building 5, Suite #350

Building 5, Suite #317

Canalys is an independent technology- focused analyst company. Canalys offers client analysis and advice about trends and activity in a range of high- tech markets with route-to-market strategies.

Mon- Fri: 8am - 6pm

Building 4, Suite #272


Building 4 South, Suite #260 

LUMA is the leading investment bank focused on digital media and marketing. We provide strategic advice, proven M&A expertise, and extensive industry knowledge to optimize outcomes for our clients.


Building 4, Suite #250

Customized strategic management services for private foundations.

Building 3, Suite #405

Building 5, Suite #311

Building 5, Suite #316

Section Partners is a venture capital firm providing creative financing solutions for stockholders of late-stage, venture-backed companies.

Building 5, Suite #311


Specializing in environmental data management, land use monitoring, and greenhouse gas Web services.

Building 1, Suite #12


The Center for Venture Education is a 501(c)(3) post-graduate educational institution dedicated to fostering entreprenuership and innovation throughout society.

Building 5, Suite #410



Building 4, Suite #390

Building 3, Suite #401


Rated #1 by Bay Area Consumer Checkbook Magazine, United Travel is a full-service travel agency resource for arranging leisure and corporate-- as well as domestic and international-- air accommodations, cruises and tours.

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Building 4 South, Suite #280



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